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cold shrink silicon rubber cable joints and terminations
1,  All our cable joints and terminations are made from imported silicon rubber with satisfying
electric insulation, outstanding elasticity, tracking resistandce etc, as well as approved electric
capability and long-term service life. It can exert modest radial pressure upon the cable all the
time to make the contact compact after installing.
 Also it will expand or shrink simultaneously with the cable to avoid tip-and-run breakthrough
caused by the working cable's respiration. The stress-cone and primary insulation are composite as
one to ensure insulation reliable and performing safe by solving the problem of stress concentration
on the contour of semiconductive layer
   2, Simple and convenient installation
By use of the special cold shrink technique, one with no special training can fix it without the
assistant of fire, electricity. The process is simple and labor saving. It is efficient for high
altitude work, fieldwork and works in the combustible environment such as coal mine, oilfield etc.
3, Excellent chemical capability
feculence-resist: anti-nicotinamide, good resistance to  aging,perfect hydrophobic performance,
superior heat and cold resistance.
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