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Electricity saver for air conditioner

Epsecially, I recommend our electricity saver for AC and fridge to you. 

Working theory: It enhances the refrigeration efficiency by optimizing the working curve of the compressor and helps with using up the remaining cool air in cooling equipments to the utmost. And it is equipped with high-tech chipset to realise all these functions.
Capacity: Two type: one is 2200W (suitable for AC under 3P) ,the other is 3650W(suitable for AC over 3 P).
Quotations: the 2200W one costs 28.6$,    the 3650W one costs 34.5$.
Weight: about 1kg
saving efficiency:   >25%
The saving efficiency has been verified by our repeated experiments.

TEL: 86-757-81811612     81811615      FAX: 86-757-81811621
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